What to expect
Here, instruction is tailored to fit each individual participant (e.g., athletic ability, experience, etc.) Beginners can expect an emphasis on falling skills and explanations on each exercise or technique.
For those who already practice elsewhere, we will address questions that often come up during practice in order to resolve or better understand them.
In this practice, we seek to value the connection with the partner, practice with as little pain as possible, and realize how to help and support each other.

Each practice session will follow one of the following three themes:

1. Kokyuho (of aikido). How does it relate to the basic techniques that are usually practiced. How does it apply generally to the use of one’s body and how one is normally.

2. Ukemi. How to fall in various contexts, with more and more safety and comfort. Also, how to receive the influence/lead of the ‘tori’ partner.

3. Forms. A detailed study of the forms that are practiced usually as well as less-frequently practiced forms. We also emphasize responsiveness in the context of moving with a partner – how to sense and move.


What do I need to bring?
Beginners should wear appropriate clothes for exercise. We will be rolling on the mat, so it is advisable to wear something a bit heavier than a t-shirt.

Is there somewhere to change clothes and shower?
Yes, there is a changing room next to the budo room, including shower.

How much does it cost?
Each practice session is 1000 yen. Please pay the instructor at the end of each session.

Where is it?
The practice room is the ‘Dai-ichi budo-jo’ (Budo room #1) in the Shinjuku Cosmic Sports Center. When entering the sports center, you will see the office and reception window. To the left of that is a hallway heading slightly downward. The budo room is down that hall.
The Cosmic Center is nearest to Nishi-Waseda station on the Fukutoshin subway line. Exit 3 is nearest. The sports center is across the street from McDonalds. It’s also possible to walk from Takadanobaba station (JR) – about a 10 minute walk .

I’m completely new. What will we be doing in the very beginning?
If you’re completely new, please try to come 10 – 15 minutes early the first few times. We will have an orientation and explain the normal flow of class, etiquette, and some introductory falling practice.

Instructor Profile

Daniel Nishina Keisuke

1976. Born in Canada.

1991. Began aikido in California at age 15 at Aikido of Fremont (Aiki Zenshin Dojo) under Sunny Skys sensei.

Initially practiced under the influence of Hikitsuchi shihan of Shingu. Subsequently the dojo joined Aikido Schools of Ueshiba and practice was influenced by Mitsugi Saotome shihan and Hiroshi Ikeda shihan.

Around 1996. Visited and practiced at Aikikai Hombu Dojo 2, 3 times, during which I had my first encounter with Seishiro Endo shihan. [Endo shihan’s demonstration from 1995]

1998.  Received promotion to shodan. Graduated from university and moved to Japan, beginning a period of practicing everyday, primarily at Hombu Dojo.

2003. Moved to Colorado and practiced under Ikeda shihan.

2009. Formally became one of Endo shihan’s deshi. [2007 Washinton DC seminar][2015 All Japan Demonstration]

2011. Moved to Japan. Continued practice at Hombu Dojo and Endo sensei’s various practice venues.

2016. Received 5th dan from Endo shihan.